Capture the moment

Who am I?

I'm Stan. I was raised in small town in Belgium called Retie. I've always been interested in electronics and engineering. This lead me to start building drones. I soon realised that putting camera's on those drones could deliver some incredible footage.

Contact me

Try your best to explain what has to be filmed, where and when. Also consider what equipment will have to be used, or can be used. Some airspaces are restricted, like at militairy bases, airports and cities. There aren't any prices available on this site. The reason for that is because every video is different, and I cannot give a price before knowing what has to be filmed. The price will depend on a number of factors. Some of those factors are safety, travel expenses, time spent editing, what equipment needs to be used, etc. Once I know all of this, I will give you a price estimate.

My prices are usually far below the industry standard. FPV is not my job, it's my hobby and my passion. I'd rather make video's for free, but I need to pay for this equipment in some way or another. I will say my prices usually very between 200 and 600 euro's. There's a lot of play because some video's take a couple hours to make, and some take days.